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International Workshop on Reviewing Clinical Guidelines in Iran Was Held in the Virtual University of Medical Sciences

A workshop on clinical guidelines in Iran was organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and in cooperation with the Vice Chancellor of International Affairs of the VUMS.

The eBall Day Event Was Held

To identify and support innovative ideas, the accelerator of the Virtual University of Medical Sciences held its first startup event, called eBall Day.
The accelerator of the Virtual University of Medical Sciences which was founded to promote entrepreneurship and business in virtual education, e-health, and telemedicine.

Nationwide Call for a Course in “Introduction to Persian Medicine and Complementary Medicine” for Students of Medical Sciences Universities

Office of Public Relations- The call for a two points credited course in “Introduction to Persian and Complementary Medicine” was made by the VUMS.


National Observatory System of e-Learning Activities (in Persian named Rayaban) is an inventory system that shows detailed statistics on e-Learning activities in universities of medical sciences in Iran. Of course, this would help authorities in further planning to disseminate virtual learning.

Navid LMS

NAVID project was a major milestone for VUMS and initiated in 2016. Since 2018 NAVID has been used by 70 Medical Universities all around country. In NAVID, instructors can share all type of e-contents, enable student collaboration and discussion, manage assignments and quizzes, assign grades and …

e-Content production

With the use of state-of-the-art technology and in accordance with education principles, the Virtual University of Medical Sciences has created educational e-content.

Microlearning e-Contents Samples

Creating a culture of using virtual education among students, faculty, and practitioners of the country’s medical universities is one of the most important goals of the virtual medical university. So we set out to develop a set of content and further expand the use of virtual education in universities by familiarizing our audience with e-learning and its various aspects. This content is tailored to the educational principles and the most advanced technologies available. To view and download some samples click here:


Learning Management System (LMS) are software systems that perform the tasks related to the implementation, registration, management, tracking, evaluation, presentation of programs, the interaction between learners and program content, and between learners and professors. they give.

The existence of an e-learning management system (LMS) in each university is a key indicator for the establishment and development of e-learning. Country-based LMS systems are either open source software or do not benefit from effective training design. On the other hand, developing this software and setting up support contracts is a significant cost to any university. Therefore, one of the requirements of the “Virtual Education Development Package in Medical Sciences” was to launch a national LMS platform called Navidad (Specialized Academic Learning Software) and it was assigned to Virtual Medical University. This software was officially released to the medical universities of the country after various tests in September 1977.

A 24-hour, highly regulated support system is provided for university administrators to report problems at any time. These problems will be addressed immediately. It should be noted that the issues posted by the universities are regularly reviewed by the design, programming and networking teams and the necessary feedback is provided. The system won the UNESCO E-Learning and Learning Award in December 1977.

According to Navid’s e-learning management system development program, 15 versions of the system have been released so far. The added modules include copying lessons, extending the exam section, notifications module, extending the resources of the module, assignment and administration modules and entering information management training systems such as SAMA using the Excel file.

Navid LMS

The design and construction of the National Navigation E-Learning Management System (LMS) has been finalized and put into operation.

One of the missions of the Virtual University of Medical Sciences is to participate in curriculum development, create courses related to virtual education, recruit students and train specialists in the field of virtual education in collaboration with Virtual Schools and Virtual Education Centers of other medical universities of the country.

To this end, a comprehensive operational plan for the development of virtual majors and courses has been developed and the university is planning and taking steps in this regard. In this section of the university’s website, courses which have been made operational are presented.

Accreditation system

In the Virtual University of Medical Sciences, the organizational structure of the accreditation of virtual schools and centers of the country along with the considered standards are developed and approved and it has been implanting now.

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