Virtual University of Medical Sciences
In the name of God

 Virtual education along with the invention of internet has started decades before and it has developed by advancing technology. This phenomenon has developed so much especially in the world of pedagogy and training that learning has become a new paradigm which has been blended in with traditional methods and approaches in all advanced universities and education centers. The shortening of knowledge lifespan specially in medical sciences, the need to train lifelong learners, and the importance of education everywhere and in all time on one hand, and considering educational justice as a principle on the other hand make electronic learning become the center of attention more than before.

Electronic learning and its sub-branches to some extent were the focus of attention of some faculty members and education centers in Iran specially in 2000s. Moreover, establishing the first virtual faculty among universities of medical sciences in the country in 1389 as a turning point draws more attention to it more than before. Developing the innovation package in medical education that has become the core principle of the activities of the Deputy of Education, The Ministry of Health and Medical Education and assigning Virtual Education as one of the main provisions can be regarded as the most significant event in developing this educational method process in the country.

In the pursuit of reaching this package and by analyzing the virtual universities in the world, the Virtual University of Medical Sciences has been established since 2016. The two main missions of this university are regarded as one, running and developing special cyberspace majors as well as training students in different levels of education, and two, helping to perform the virtual education science in universities of medical sciences in the country and developing necessary infrastructures as well as performing standard electronic material to all the universities of country. We expect that with help of God Almighty, according the university’s statute, this university could take efficient steps in developing electronic learning and education and play its vital role in medical education successfully and magnificently.

Seyed Naser Ostad,
PhD. University President
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