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National accreditation system for virtual learning schools and centers in universities of medical sciences

In higher education quality is a multidimensional issue and it should include all the academic activities. Education, academic plans, research, erudition, faculty members, students and learners, facilities and equipment, providing services to society and the details of education environment are the components of the complicated system of higher education which guaranteeing and developing the quality of each one demands analytical review and assessment of several and separate collections. On the other hand, the international dimensions of higher education like scientific transferring among centers, creating cooperative networks, transferring professors and students and doing research projects which should accompany the national cultural values include other aspects of these dimensions. For making this quality meaningful along with the mentioned extensive dimensions, we should consider the standards and identify and introduce the best performance in every area.

eLearning is of no exception. Today, virtual education in medical sciences is growing rapidly in all countries and the number of countries providing these plans either mandatory or optional is increasing daily. Standardization and improving the quality of the virtual education plans and assessing the virtual schools and centers of the country is of the missions of the Deputy of Education of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education that is assigned to the Virtual University of Medical Sciences. However, there are various approaches for assessing the virtual education centers, the most common method that is used in different countries is the approach based on the experts’ opinions. Planning is the basis for assessing the skillful judging of the group of experts in assessing the about the quality of plan or the provider organization area. Assessment is divided into two main classes. Institutional assessment and special program assessment. It is obvious that assessing the virtual schools and centers of the country, institutional standards (related to the centers) program standards (related to the virtual plans) are important and should be considered together. Accreditation steps of the virtual education schools and centers could be known roughly as establishing an assessment structure, developing and proclaiming the accreditation standards, doing internal assessment based on standards, visiting and collecting information from the centers, delivering a report to the professional decision maker committee, final decision making and issuing commission and letter of credit for the virtual education schools and centers in the most excellent authoritative reference and declaring it to the related centers which is necessary in order to implement the above steps till each of the above-mentioned steps is going to be analyzed separately.

In the Virtual University of Medical Sciences, the organizational structure of the accreditation of virtual education schools and centers of the country along with the considered standards are developed and approved and it has been implanting now.
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